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Bruxism is a technical term used to describe chronic night grinding. While it might seem innocuous at first, grinding your teeth on a regular basis can cause several different forms of oral dysfunction. Early on, bruxism can cause chips and dental fractures on multiple teeth. As time goes on, it can also affect the muscles and temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw.

This soreness, inflammation, and other complications, which are called TMJ disorder, can have a serious impact on your overall quality of life. Treating it can be a lengthy process of lifestyle modification and potential oral surgery.

Fortunately, Dr. Nicole Richardson can help prevent these complications with a custom nightguard. This is a soft, plastic mouthpiece that allows some slip between your teeth.

The sleep guard shields and protects your teeth while reducing the friction between biting surfaces to help relax muscle tension in the jaw. This helps reduce inflammation and soreness caused by the tension of grinding and clenching the jaw. It also offers modest padding to prevent chips and fractures tooth enamel.

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