Recovering from a Root Canal

When you go in for a root canal, your dentist will clean out the infected pulp and replace it with medicated material. After the procedure, your tooth will need a few days to fully recover. To help your mouth heal comfortably and quickly, our team at suggests the following: – Don’t eat until the numbness… Read more »

Reacting in a Dental Emergency

Here’s a story. You wake up one morning and notice a pain in your mouth. At first you wonder if something has become lodged between one of your teeth, maybe a piece of popcorn shell, but some quick flossing tells you nothing is there. You come to the unhappy conclusion that you have a toothache…. Read more »

How to Finally Relax in the Dental Chair

Did you know that there are products available at that can help you finally relax in the dental chair? Well, it’s true! Dr. and our team understand that many patients are afraid of the dental office and treatments, which is why we happily offer dental sedation in , . There are many different types of… Read more »